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Why Is No-Pull Dog Harness The Best Choice For Your Dog

Long evening walks with your dog are often the most relaxing and enjoyable moments you spend with them. But their little distracted noses can wreak havoc even on a simple walk down the street. And often, a leash & collar set-up does little to control your dog’s movements. Instead, it often causes a ‘jerk & pull’ action which can not only harm your dog but also make it hard for you to manoeuvre and control it. This is where a no-pull harness can make a significant difference. But first, let’s understand what no-pull dog harnesses are.

What Are No-Pull Harnesses?

No-pull harnesses are a category of harnesses that have a tiny clip sitting on the front of your dog while the harness itself sits snuggly across the chest area. Unlike the standard harnesses that use the tug-and-pull motion, no-pull harnesses distribute the weight evenly across the harness. They use a ‘squeeze-and-lift’ motion that makes it easier for you to manoeuvre your pet, without giving it a strong jerk.

Why Should You Choose a No-Pull Harness for Your Dog?

If your dog likes to take the lead on those long walks, bumping its nose into every little thing around, a no-pull harness can make those challenging walks more comfortable. Moreover, sudden yanking while using dog collars has been known to impact the dog’s trachea or even lead to spinal cord damage. With a no-pull harness, you can enjoy complete control over their movements without ever causing a jerk to the dog. Plus, no-pull harnesses ensure you are never “yanked along” every time your dog is high on energy and decides to run in various directions. They offer better manoeuvring capabilities while walking and make your dog’s life safer & more comfortable.

Just make sure you pick a harness of the right size and type that fits snugly on the dog’s body, and you and your pet are good to go!

What Makes Space Textiles No-Pull Harnesses the Right Choice for You?

Our harnesses are completely British-made and come in various types and sizes. Moreover, no-pull harnesses require 2M double clip leads for greater stability and control, a feature that Space Textiles offers with all harnesses. They are designed to fit your dog snugly in the most comfortable manner, where each tug or pull evenly distributes the pressure across the chest, giving them the utmost comfort even while in motion.

Our harnesses are innovative in design, safe to use, and built to last long. We offer a range of no-pull harnesses that are made using high-quality fleece and innovative spacer mesh materials. We offer various sizes and colours, so you can pick one that suits your dog the best.

You can use our descriptive size chart to find the right harness size for your dog. In addition, we also offer an extra ring on the chest that can be transformed into a dog training/ walking harness. Shop from our range of best no-pull dog harnesses and make every outing with your pet an enjoyable experience.

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