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How To Harness Train a Dog

Taking your dog out on a walk must be a positive and uplifting experience for you and your dog. However, the constant tugging of the leash or a bad harness grip and the subsequent grumpy dog tantrum can be mood killers. On the other hand, when you train your dog well and prepare it for a walk with a harness, the whole walking experience can be a pleasant one that you both can look forward to. Let us share with you tips on how to harness train your dog.

Getting The Right Product

The first step towards harness training your dog is to have the right harness based on their size, breed, and comfort. Look for tips on how to choose the right size of harness and make sure you get the correct size and fit. At Space Textiles, we offer harnesses that are designed for the comfort & ease of both, the pet as well as the pet parent.

Start Training The Dog At Home

One of the simplest ways to start your harness training journey is at home. You can get them acquainted with the look & feel of the harness by making them wear it at home. Adjust it to their comfort, in a way you would during a walk. Small actions such as clicking open the buckle and closing it are a way of making them familiar with the harness. Trying to make them familiar with the harness outdoors straight away can lead to chaos because the environment has distractions. A home is a familiar place for them to get used to how the harness feels. You can also hook the leash on the clip and let them walk around dragging behind to get an idea.

Positive Reaffirmation Behaviour

It’s the universal truth; nothing teaches a dog more than positive reaffirmations. Give them treats, praise them, cheer them and let them know their good behaviour is appreciated. A good way to make this behaviour a part of their routine is to give them their favourite treats during the training session.

Water & Food

When it comes to training them, always know that dogs are most easily distracted. Especially if they are thirsty or hungry, they tend to be very volatile and all over the place. So before you begin your training sessions, ensure your dogs are well-fed and hydrated.

Practice With Consistency

Regular practice is eventually the only way to expect consistent behaviour from your pet. Set a training schedule for them. For instance, choose the same time to harness train them every day, then treat them with positive reaffirmation. Be consistent with your training and ensure your dog knows when the harness training is about to commence.

With Space Textiles harnesses, you can now add comfort and ease to your harness training sessions. Our harnesses are known for their comfort, durability and ease of use. They are completely British-made, and their anti-bacterial fabric makes them a great choice for your dog.

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