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How To Put On A Dog Training Harness

There’s nothing that makes dogs happier than going for walks. It’s when their energy is contagious and they are in their true element. While some dogs are at their best behaviours while on walks, some others can be a handful. But with dog training harnesses, walking your dog can be a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, regardless of your dog’s temperament. You can enjoy better control and agility for both the dog and you. And if you’ve recently bought a dog training harness and are wondering how to get your dog accustomed to it, here’s a “pawsome” step-by-step guide on how to put on a dog training harness on your dog.

Step 1: Place It On The Ground 

Ensure that the buckles and straps are loosened before putting the harness on. Place the loosened harness on the floor. Spread the harness out to have enough space for your dog to get into it.

Step 2: Prepare Your Dog For The Harness

Now gently bring your dog near the harness. First, sit /stand close to the harness and then instruct your dog to come into a ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ position. They must be calm and relaxed, especially during the training period. Ensure they are positioned behind the harness.

Step 3: Place The Harness Over The Dog’s Head

Fit the harness by placing it over your dog’s head and then fitting the 2 straps behind the two front legs.

Step 4: Pull It Up And Secure It

Training harnesses may have a couple of clips on them for you to secure. Once you pull up the harness, adjust it so that the clip is on the front end. You can snap close the buckles at the back. Training dog harnesses have clips at the front wherein the leash can be attached. This allows for better control and manoeuvring that is much needed during the training phase.

Step 5: Adjust For Comfort

Once the basic training harness is in place, it is essential to ensure that the harness is fit to perfection around your dog’s body. This is an important step wherein you must ensure the harness straps are tightened around the dog’s body. There must be two finger space between the straps and the dog’s body. This will make sure it isn’t hurting or choking your dog. However, you must also try sliding it out to ensure it isn’t so loose that the harness just slips out during walks. Again, the dog’s behaviour can be looked upon as a sign of comfort or discomfort.

If you are looking to train your dog, choose our Space Dog Training Fleece Dog Harness or Space Dog Training Spacer Mesh Dog Harness. Start training your dog for 5-10 minutes each day and then progressively accustom them to longer walks with the harness.

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