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Space Dog Training Fleece Dog Harness


  • Soft quality fleece
  • Range of sizes
  • Range of colours
  • Strong & durable
  • Made in the UK
  • Adjustable
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Our harnesses are designed with an innovated construction method which guarantees the dog harness is perfectly balanced to suit your dogs movements.  With this system the dog harness transfers any stresses evenly across it’ s structure which improves it’ s longevity.

Space Dog Harnesses

It is a proven fact that dog harnesses are much friendlier on your dog than dog collar, and more dog owners are switching to a harness than ever before.

Space K9 dog harnesses have been designed to bring comfort to your dog – as when you walk your dog on the lead, the pressure, if your dog pulls, spreads itself evenly across the chest, which offers no discomfort to your dog. Using a dog collar on the lead brings pressure on the dogs neck if it pulls, and this can lead to damaging your dogs trachea, which can unfortunately, sometimes lead to the dog getting spinal damage.

Our harnesses are offered to you in two different materials – high quality fleece, and new innovative Spacer mesh material, but the design of the harnesses are the same.

We can also offer our harnesses with an extra ring on the chest – which then transforms the harness in to a dog walking training harness.

Fleece Fabric

All space K9 dog harnesses are made to correspond with the dog leads, so they are made in quality fleece and using identical colours. The harnesses are made to be soft for your dog but strong and durable.

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berry, black, black and pink, black and purple, black and red, brown, charcoal, charcoal and pink, charcoal and purple, Hi-viz, pink, purple, racing green, red, royal blue


1. neck 40-41cm – girth 42-54cm, 2. neck 43-44cm – girth 43-61cm, 3. neck 49-50cm – girth 45-64cm, 4. neck 59-60cm – girth 50-69cm, 5. neck 63-64cm – girth 56-75cm, 6. neck 68-69cm – girth 62-91cm, 7. neck 74-75cm – girth 64-93cm, 8. neck 74-75cm – girth 72-103cm

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