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3d spacer fabric

Why we love using spacer mesh material for our K9 and Equine product.

Spacer fabric is a high tech material and is designed to distribute weight and allow maximum air flow which benefits the skins and provides healthy skin tone and aids blood circulation. It is also designed to disperse shear and direct pressure, ideal for sensitive and cold backed horses.

Spacer mesh material

Dogs – Spacer Fabric

Spacer fabric offers fantastic benefits for your dog – the 3D cushioned material is fully breathable, also, offering excellent airflow when your dog is hot. Additional benefits are that because of it’ s cushioning, it is very comfortable on your dog. As the material is also easy to clean and fast drying, it’ s great for those dogs who love to have a swim.

Horses – Spacer fabric

Spacer fabrics offer extraordinary benefits for your horse. The product technology centres on the 3D cushioned construction which reduces heat build up, and allows consistant air circulation, and provides for high moisture transfer.

Additional benefits include comfort cushioning and shock absorbency, which have excellent recovery properties. The spacer fabric is also easy to clean and is fast drying.

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